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Beamforming-based Binaural Reproduction by Matching of Binaural SignalsMadmoni, L.; Donley, J.; Tourbabin, V.2020/08AESBinaural, Beamforming, Ambisonics
Tesseral Array for Group Based Spatial Audio Capture and SynthesisTanabe, Y.; Yamauchi, G.; Atsushi, M.2020/08AESSpatial Audio, Transducers
Beamforming-based Binaural Reproduction by Matching of Binaural SignalsMadmoni, L.; Donley, J.; Tourbabin, V.2020/08AESBinaural, Beamforming, Ambisonics
Quantifying HRTF Spectral Magnitude Precision in Spatial Computing ApplicationsCrawford, S.; Audfray, R.; Jot, J.2020/08AESHRTF, Spatial Audio
Listener-Preferred Headphone Frequency Response for Stereo and Spatial Audio ContentEngel, I.; Alon, D.; Scheumann, K.2020/08AESTransducers, Spatial Audio, Two-Way Stereophony
Binaural Reproduction using Bilateral AmbisonicsBen-Hur, Z.; Alon, D.; Mehra, R.2020/08AESBinaural, Ambisonics, HRTF
Enhancement of Ambisonics Signals using time-frequency maskingLugasi, M.; Rafaely, B.2020/08AESAmbisonics
Localization of Virtual Sounds in Dynamic Listening Using Sparse HRTFsBen-Hur, Z.; Alon, D..; Robinson, P.2020/08AESHRTF
Realistic Auditory Artificial Intelligence: Spatial Sound Modelling to provide NPCs with Sound PerceptionCowan, B.; Kapralos, B.; Collins, KC.2020/08AESSpatial Audio, Audio Signal Processing
Speed of sound from fundamental physical constantsTrachenko, K; Monserrat, B.; Pickard, C. J.2020/08AAASPhysics
Optimized binaural rendering of Next Generation Audio using virtual loudspeaker setupsLau, F.; Meier, M.2020/05AESSpatial Audio
Deep Diffusorbers: Real World Application & Scalability of Amplitude Grating Diffusers Covering Ultra-Wideband Absorbers in Small to Medium Sized VenuesEbenlechner, G.2020/05AESAcoustics
Emily's World: behind the scenes of a binaural synthesis productionPoirier-Quinot, D.; Hardoin, L.; Katz, B.2020/05AESSpatial Audio, Ambisonics, Applications
A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Preferences Between Binaural and Stereo Broadcast Audio with Experienced and Inexperienced ListenersFoster, A.; Pike, C.; Francombe, J.2020/05AESListening Tests, Binaural, Two-Way Stereophony
Metamaterial Absorber for Loudspeaker EnclosuresDegraeve, S.; Oclee-Brown, J.2020/05AESTransducers, Acoustics
Shelving Filter Cascade with Adjustable Transition Slope and BandwidthSchutz, F.; Hahn, N.; Spors, S.2020/05AESSignal Processing
The effect of hand position on handheld microphones' frequency response and directivityBrixen, E. B.2020/05AESTransducers
A personal, 3D printable compact spherical loudspeaker arrayDrack, V.; Zotter, F.; Barrett, N.2020/05AESTransducers, Spatial Audio
Trans-Europe Express Audio: testing 1000 mile low-latency uncompressed audio between Edinburgh and Berlin using GPS-derived word clock, first with jacktrip then with Dante.Ferguson, P.; Chafe, C.; Gapp, S.2020/05AESApplications, Broadcast
Power-based thermal limits for micro-speaker protection algorithmsSalvador, C.; Peng, C.; Shi, Y.2020/05AESTransducers, Signal Processing
Real-time auralization while having prepared in advance for possible head movementsTamulionis, M.2020/05AESSpatial Audio, HRTF, Signal Processing
Recording first-order Ambisonics with a differential array of two dual-diaphragm microphonesDeppisch, T.; Frank, C.2020/05AESSpatial Audio, Ambisonics, Transducers
HOAST: A Higher-Order Ambisonics Streaming PlatformDeppisch, T.; Meyer-Kahlen, N.; Hofer, B.2020/05AESApplications, Ambisonics, Binaural
Directional dependency of subjective sound pressure perception on three-dimensional soundNakai, A.; Tsuji, M.; Chinen, T.2020/05AESSpatial Audio, Applications
MEMS based Audio Speaker ModuleRusconi Clerici, A.; Hänsler, M.; Muraro, G.2020/05AESTransducers
A Python library for Multichannel Acoustic Signal ProcessingPerez-Lopez, A.; Politis, A.2020/05AESSignal Processing
pysofaconventions, a Python API for SOFAPerez-Lopez, A.2020/05AESSpatial Audio, Signal Processing
Real-Time Sound Synthesis of Audience ApplauseLee, J. R. R.; Reiss, J. D.2020/05AESApplications, Signal Processing
Assessing the Impact of Head-Related Transfer Function Individualization on Task Performance: Case of a Virtual Reality Shooter GamePoirier-Quinot, D.; Katz, B. F.G.2020/05AESListening Tests, HRTF
Analysis and Utilization of Reverse Mode Loudspeakers Kalmár G.2020/04IEEE AccessTransducers, Applications, Acoustics
Performance of Linear Extrapolation Methods for Virtual Sound Field NavigationTylka, J. G.; Choueiri, E. Y.2020/03AESApplications, Ambisonics
Fundamentals of a Parametric Method for Virtual Navigation Within an Array of Ambisonics MicrophonesTylka, J. G.; Choueiri, E. Y.2020/03AESAmbisonics
AmbisonicsZotter, F.; Frank, M.2019SpringerAmbisonics
Introducing phonetic information to speaker embedding for speaker verificationLiu, Y.; He L.; Liu, J.; Johnson, M.2019/12EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music ProcessingNeural Networks
Preferred Levels for Background Ducking to Produce Esthetically Pleasing Audio for TV with Clear SpeechTorcoli, M.; Freke-Morin, A.; Paulus, J.; Simon, C.2019/12JAES Volume 67Broadcast
Anti-Forensics of Audio Source Identification Using Generative Adversarial NetworkLi, X.; Yan, D.; Dong, L.2019/12IEEE AccessForensics, Semantic Analysis & Deep Learning
Audio Hotspot Attack: An Attack on Voice Assistance Systems Using Directional Sound Beams and its FeasibilityIijima, R.; Minami, S.; Zhou, Y.2019/11IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in ComputingBeamforming
Domains of Practical Applicability for Parametric Interpolation Methods for Virtual Sound Field NavigationTylka, J.; Choueiri, E.2019/11JAES Volume 67Spatial Audio
Underdetermined Source Separation Based on Generalized Multichannel Variational AutoencoderSeki, S.; Kameoka, H.; Li, L.2019/11IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing, Neural Networks
Applications of Spatially Localized Active-Intensity Vectors for Sound-Field visualization
McCormack, L.; Delikaris-Manias, S.; Politis, A.2019/11JAES Volume 67Spatial Audio
Stethoscope with digital frequency translation for improved audibilityAumann, H. M.; Emanetoglu, N. W.2019/11Healthcare Technology LettersAudio Signal Processing, Hearing & Hearing Loss Prevention
Multimodal Voice Conversion Under Adverse Environment Using a Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkZhou, J.; Hu, Y.; Lian, H.2019/11IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing, Semantic Audio, Neural Networks
A Wearable, Extensible, Open-Source Platform for Hearing Healthcare ResearchPisha, L.; Warchall, J.; Zubatiy, T.2019/11IEEE AccessHearing & Hearing Loss Prevention, Archiving, Restoration & Digital Libraries
Spatial Perception of Sound Source Distribution in the Median PlanePulkki, V.; Pöntynen, H.; Santala, O.2019/11AESSpatial Audio
Directional Feedback Delay NetworkAlary, B.; Politis, A.; Schlecht, S.2019/10JAES Volume 67Audio Signal Processing, Acoustics, Spatial Audio
A Robust Target Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance Beamformer With Spatial Cues Preservation for Binaural Hearing AidsAs'ad, H.; Bouchard, M.; Kamkar-Parsi, H.2019/10IEEEBeamforming
Accurate Reproduction of Binaural Recordings through Individual Headphone Equalization and Time Domain Crosstalk CancellationGriesinger, D.2019/10AESBinaural
A Mean Quantization Watermarking Scheme for Audio Signals Using Singular-Value DecompositionBhat, K. V., Das, A. K.; Lee, J.2019/10IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing
Defining Immersion: Literature Review and Implications for Research on immersive Audiovisual ExperiencesAgrawal, S.; Simon, A.; Bech, S.2019/10AESImmersion
Comparing Externalization Between the Neumann KU100 Versus Low Cost DIY Binaural Dummy HeadDiPasquale, K. J.;2019/10AESSpatial Audio
Designing Listening Tests of SR/PA Systems, A Case StudyBrixen, E. B.2019/10AESListening Tests, Transducers
Noise and Distortion Mechanisms Encountered in Switching Audio Power Amplifier DesignMuniz, R.2019/10AESTransducers
Smartphones Identification Through the Built-In Microphones With Convolutional Neural NetworkBaldini, G.; Amerini, I.2019/10IEEE AccessTransducers, Semantic Analysis & Deep Learning, Neural Networks
Coherence as an Indicator of Distortion for Wide-Band Audio Signals such as M-Noise and Musicvan Veen, M.; Schwenke, R.2019/10AESAudio Signal Processing
Modifying Audio Signals for Reproduction with Reduced Room EffectFaller, C.2019/10AESAudio Signal Processing
Design and Testing of a Real-Time Audio-Quality Feedback System for Weather Broadcasts and a Framework for a Weather Broadcast Transmission Technology SwitchMishra, A.; Bagui, S.; Compo, J.2019/10IEEE AccessForensics
Shape Control of Discrete Generalized Gaussian Distributions for Frequency-Domain Audio CodingSugiura, R.; Kamamoto, Y.; Moriya, T.2019/10IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingAudio Signal Processing
Optimum Measurement Locations for Large-Scale Loudspeaker System Tuning Based on First-Order Reflections AnalysisMoulin, S.; Corteel, E.; Montignies, F.2019/10AESAcoustics
An Open Audio Processing Platform Using SoC FPGAs and Model-Based DevelopmentVannoy, T.; Davis, T.; Dack, C.2019/10AESAudio Signal Processing
An Attempt to Elicit Horizontal and Vertical Auditory Precedence Percepts without Pinnae CuesBulla, W.; Mayo, P.2019/10AESPerception
Navigation Aids in Collaborative Virtual Environments: Comparison of 3DML, Audio, Textual, Arrows-CastingKhalid, S.; Ullah, S.; Ali, N.2019/10IEEE AccessVirtual Reality
Precise Temporal Localization of Sudden Onsets in Audio Signals Using the Wavelet ApproachWan, Y.; Chen, Y.; Sim, K. Y. H.2019/10AESSemantic Audio
Production Processes of Pop Music Arrangers in Bamako, MaliPras, A.; Turner, K.; Bol, T.2019/10AESEducation
Towards a Pedagogy of Multitrack Audio Resources for Sound Recording EducationMcNally, K.; Thompson, P.; Scott, K.2019/10AESEducation
Mental Representations in Critical Listening Education: A Preliminary StudyElmosnino, S.2019/10AESEducation
Semi-Supervised Multichannel Speech Enhancement With a Deep Speech PriorSekiguchi, K.; Bando, Y.; Nugraha, A. A.2019/10IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSemantic Analysis & Deep Learning
Audio Effect Units in Mobile Devices for Electric Musical InstrumentsYao, S.2019/10IEEE AccessInstruments
Generalized Metrics for Constant DirectivitySridhar, R.; Tylka, J. G.; Choueiri, E. Y.2019/09JAES Volume 67Transducers
The Adaptive Multi-Level Phase Coding Method in Audio SteganographyAlsabhany, A. A.; Ridzuan, F.; Azni, A. H.2019/09IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing
A System Architecture for Semantically Informed Rendering of Object-Based AudioFranck, A.; Francombe, J.; Woodcock, J.2019/08JAES Volume 67Semantic Audio, Spatial Audio
Multichannel Compensated Amplitude Panning, An Adaptive Object-Based Reproduction MethodMenzies, D.; Fazi, F. M.2019/08JAES Volume 67Perception, Spatial Audio,
Influence of Visual Stimuli on Perceptual Attributes of Spatial AudioWoodcock, J.; Davies, W. J.; Cox, T. J.2019/08JAES Volume 67Spatial Audio
Neurally Controlled Graphic EqualizerVälimäki, V.; Rämö, J.2019/08IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingNeural Networks
Personalization in Object-based Audio for Accessibility: A Review of Advancements for Hearing Impaired ListenersWard, L. A.; Shirley, B. G.2019/08JAES Volume 67Hearing & Hearing Loss Prevention
Quality of Experience Tests of an Object-based Radio Reproduction App on a Mobile DeviceSilzle, A.; Schmidt, R.; Bleisteiner, W.;2019/08JAES Volume 67Listening Tests, Binaural
A one-size-fits-all earpiece with multiple microphones and drivers for hearing device researchDenk, F.; Lettau, M.; Schepker, H.Bach, J.; Wellmann, J.; Kollmeier, B.2019/08AES ICHTHearing & Hearing Loss Prevention
DNN-Based Cepstral Excitation Manipulation for Speech EnhancementElshamy, S.; Fingscheidt, T.2019/08IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSemantic Analysis, Audio Signal Processing
Three-Dimensional Sound Field Reproduction Based on Weighted Mode-Matching MethodUeno, N.; Koyama, S.; Saruwatari, H.2019/08IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSpatial Audio
Source Separation for Enabling Dialogue Enhancement in Object-based Broadcast with MPEG-HPaulus, J.; Torcoli, M.; Uhle, C.2019/08JAES Volume 67Broadcast, Listening Tests
User-guided Rendering of Audio Objects Using an Interactive Genetic AlgorithmWilson, A.; Fazenda, B. M.2019/08JAES Volume 67Broadcast, Listening Tests
Independent Deeply Learned Matrix Analysis for Determined Audio Source SeparationMakishima, N.; Mogami, S.; Takamune, N.2019/07IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingAudio Signal Processing, Semantic Analysis & Deep Learning
Toward Robust Audio Spoofing Detection: A Detailed Comparison of Traditional and Learned FeaturesBalamurali, B. T.; Lin, K. E.; Lui, S.2019/07IEEE AccessSemantic Analysis & Deep Learning, Audio Signal Processing
DEEP-HEAR: A Multimodal Subtitle Positioning System Dedicated to Deaf and Hearing-Impaired PeopleTapu, R.; Mocanu, B.; Zaharia, T.2019/07IEEE AccessHearing & Hearing Loss Prevention, Neural Networks
Exploring convolutional, recurrent, and hybrid deep neural networks for speech and music detection in a large audio datasetde Benito-Gorron, D.; Lozano-Diez, A.; Toledano, D.2019/06EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music ProcessingNeural Networks
Efficient Representation of Head-Related Transfer Functions With Combination of Spherical Harmonics and Spherical WaveletsLiu, H.; Fang, Y.; Huang, Q.2019/06IEEEHRTF
Feedback Control in an Actuated Acoustic Guitar using Frequency ShiftingThuillier, E.; Lähdeoja, O.; Välimäki, V.2019/06JAES Volume 67Instruments
Oversampling for Nonlinear Waveshaping: Choosing the Right FiltersKathles, J.; Esqueda, F.; Välimäki, V.2019/06JAES Volume 67Audio Signal Processing
Deep Neural Network Based Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition in VOCALISE using x-VectorsKelly, F.; Forth, O.; Kent, S.2019/06AES ICAFForensics
A Hierarchical Approach for Audio Capture, Archive, and DistributionStuart, J. R.; Craven, P. G2019/05JAES Volume 67Archiving, Restoration & Digital Libraries
Is High-Frequency Intermodulation Distortion a Significant Factor in High-Resolution Audio?Stuart, J. R.; Hollinshead, R.; Capp, M.2019/05JAES Volume 67Transducers, Listening Tests
High-Resolution Audio: A History and PerspectiveMelchior, V. R.2019/05JAES Volume 67Archiving, Restoration & Digital Libraries
Modern Sampling: A TutorialAngus, J. A. S.2019/05JAES Volume 67Audio Education
The Gentle Art of DitheringStuart, J. R.; Craven, P. G2019/05JAES Volume 67Audio Education, Audio Signal Processing
Chewing Monitoring With Bone-Conduction Microphone for Body Area NetworkLi, Y.; Lu, W.; He, Y.2019/05IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing
Sub-Sync: Automatic Synchronization of Subtitles in the Broadcasting of True Live programs in SpanishGonzález-Carrasco, I.; Puente, L.; Ruiz-Mezcua, B.2019/05IEEE AccessBroadcast
Deep CNNs With Self-Attention for Speaker IdentificationNguyen, N. A.; Ngyuen, Q. T.; Yanbing, L.2019/05IEEE AccessSemantic Analysis & Deep Learning, Neural Networks
Automatic Detection of Cry Sounds in Neonatal Intensive Care Units by Using Deep Learning and Acoustic Scene SimulationSeverini, M.; Ferreti, D.; Principi, E.2019/04IEEE AccessSemantic Analysis & Deep Learning
Auditory Scenography in Music Production: Case Study Mixing Classical Turkish Music in Higher Order AmbisonicsKaradogan, C.; Görne, T.2019/03AESAmbisonics
Web-Based Binaural Audio and Sonic Narratives for Cultural HeritageComunità, M.; Gerino, A.; Lim, V.2019/03AESBinaural
Acoustically Hard 2D Arrays for 3D HOABerge, S.2019/03AESAmbisonics
Efficient Encoding and Decoding of Binaural Sound with Resonance AudioGorzel, M.; Allen, A.; Kelly, I.2019/03AESBinaural
Loudness stability of binaural sound with spherical-harmonic representation of sparse head-related transfer functionsBen-Hur, Z.; Alon, D.; Rafely, B.2019/03EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music ProcessingBinaural
Ambisonic Decoding for Compensated Amplitude PanningMenzies, D.; Maria Fazi, F.2019/03IEEEAmbisonics
Compression of Head-Related Transfer Function Based on Tucker and Tensor Train DecompositionWang, J.; Liu, M.; Xie, X.2019/03IEEEHRTF
Multitask Learning of Time-Frequency CNN for Sound Source LocalizationPang, C.; Liu, H.; Li, X.2019/03IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing, HRTF, Neural Networks
Augmented Audio with Behind-the-Head Listening DevicePuomio, O.; Gonzáles Diaz, R.2019/03AESBinaural
Background Ducking to Produce Esthetically Pleasing Audio for TV with Clear SpeechTorcoli, M.; Freke-Morin, A.; Paulus, J.2019/03AESListening Tests
Turning the DAW Inside OutHolbrow, C.2019/03AESProduction, Education
Automatic Detection of Audio Problems for Quality Control in Digital Music DistributionAlonso-Jiménez, P.; Joglar-Ongay, L.; Serra, X.2019/03AESAudio Signal Processing, Production
Key Benefits and Drawbacks of Surrounding Sound when Wearing Headphones or Hearing ProtectionKårekull, O.; Lic, T.; Johansson, M.2019/03AESHearing & Hearing Loss Prevention, Headphones
SPARTA & COMPASS: Real-Time Implementations of Linear and Parametric Spatial Audio Reproduction and Processing MethodsMcCormack, L.; Politis, A.2019/03AES ICIIASpatial Audio
A deep learning method for Chinese singer identificationShen, Z.; Yong, B.; Zhang, G.2019/03Tsinghua Science and TechnologySemantic Analysis & Deep Learning
Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Using Deep Gaussian ProcessesKoriyama, T.; Kobayashi, T.2019/03IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSemantic Analysis, Audio Signal Processing
A multiple model high-resolution head-related impulse response database for aided and unaided earsThiemann, J.; van de Par, S.2019/02EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music ProcessingHRIR
Capturing 360° Audio Using an Equal Segment Microphone Array (ESMA)Lee, H.2019/01JAES Volume 67Spatial Audio
Discriminative frequency filter banks learning with neural networksZhang, T.; Wu, J.2019/01EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music ProcessingNeural Networks
Unsupervised Detection of Anomalous Sound Based on Deep Learning and the Neyman–Pearson LemmaKoizumi, Y.; Saito, S.; Uematsu, H.; Kawachi, Y.2019/01IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingDeep Learning, Audio Signal Processing
Sinusoidal-Based Lowband Synthesis for Artificial Speech Bandwidth ExtensionAbel, J.; Fingscheidt, T.2019/01IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSemantic Analysis, Audio Signal Processing
Dual-Domain Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Flexible Segmentation and Adaptive EmbeddingLuo, Y.; Peng, D.; Sang, Y.2019/01IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing
High-Performance Self-Synchronous Blind Audio Watermarking in a Unified FFT FrameworkHu, H.; Lee, T.2019/01IEEE AccessAudio Signal Processing
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Reverberant Speech Based on Enhanced Decomposition of the Direct SoundMadmoni, L.; Rafaely, B.2018/12IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal ProcessingAudio Signal Processing, Semantic Analysis
Convolutional Neural Networks to Enhance Coded SpeechZhao, Z.; Liu, H.; Fingscheidt, T.2018/12IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingNeural Networks, Semantic Analysis & Deep Learning
3D Printed Acoustic Lens for Dispersing SoundBerstis, V.;2018/12AESLoudspeakers and Transducers
Noise Covariance Matrix Estimation for Rotating Microphone ArraysMoore, A. H.; Xue, W.; Naylor, P. A2018/11IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingAudio Signal Processing, Transducers, Beamformer
Modeling and Delay-Equalizing Loudspeaker ResponsesMäkivirta, A.; Liski, J.; Välimäki, V.2018/11AESLoudspeakers
Tunable Graphene-Polymer Resonators for Audio Frequency Sensing ApplicationsAl-mashaal, A. K.; Wood, G. S.; Torin, A.2018/10IEEE Sensors JournalTransducers
Streamlined 3D Sound Design: The Capture and Composition of a Sound FieldWoszczyk, W.; Geluso, P.2018/10AESSpatial Audio
Audio Application Programming Interface for Mixed RealityAudfray, R.; Jot, J.-M.; Dicker, S.2018/10AESSpatial Audio
A Device for Measuring Auditory Brainstem Responses to AudioOdya, P.; Czyzewski, A.; Sroczynski, A.2018/10AESHearing, Listening Tests
Measuring and Evaluating Excess Noise in ResistorsLaMacchia, B.; Swanson, B.2018/10AESElectronics
Developing a Method for the Subjective Evaluation of Smartphone Music PlaybackMcMullin, E.; Suha, V.; Li, Y.2018/10AESTransducers, Listening Tests
The New Dynamics Processing Effect in Android Open Source ProjectGarcia, R.2018/10AESSignal Processing
Numerical Optimization Strategies for Acoustic Elements in Loudspeaker DesignBezzola, A.2018/10AESTranducers
On the Efficiency of Flown vs. Ground Stacked Subwoofer ConfigurationsCorteel, E.; Coste Dombre, H.; Combet, C.2018/10AESTransducers
The Effect of Pinnae Cues on Lead-Signal Localization in Elevated, Lowered, and Diagonal Loudspeaker ConfigurationsBulla, W.; Mayo, P.2018/10AESHearing, Perception
Machine Learning Applied to Aspirated and Non-Aspirated Allophone Classification–An Approach Based on Audio “Fingerprinting”Piotrowska, M.; Korvel, G.; Kurowski, A.2018/10AESMachine Learning, Acoustics, Signal Processing
Microphone Array Geometry for Two Dimensional Broadband Sound Field RecordingLiao, W.-H.; Mitsufuji, Y.; Osako, K.2018/10AESRecording, Production
Creating Real-Time Aeroacoustic Sound Effects Using Physically Informed ModelsSelfridge, R.; Moffat, D.; Avital, E. J.2018/07AESAcoustics
The Frequency and Loudspeaker-Azimuth Dependencies of Vertical Interchannel Decorrelation on the Vertical Spread of an Auditory ImageGribben, C.; Lee, H.2018/07AESSpatial Audio, Hearing, Listening Tests
Creating a Highly-Realistic "Acoustic Vessel Odyssey" Using Sound field Synthesis with 576 LoudspeakersMitsufuji, Y.; Tomura, A.; Ohkuri, K.2018/07AESSpatial Audio, Sound Field Synthesis, Virtual Reality
Comparison of Microphone Distances for Real-Time Reverberation Enhancement System Using Optimal Source Distribution TechniqueMarui, A.; Yairi, M.; Kamekawa, T.2018/07AESSpatial Audio, Reverberation
Sound-Space ChoreographyErruz, G.; Schmele, T.2018/07AESSpatial Audio
Measurement, Recognition, and Visualization of Piano Pedaling Gestures and TechniquesLiang, B.; Fazekas, G.; Sandler, M.2018/06AESInstruments, Machine Learning
Qualitative Evaluation of Media Device Orchestration for Immersive Spatial Audio ReproductionFrancombe, J.; Woodcock, J.; Hughes, R. J.2018/06AESSpatial Audio
Listener Preference for Wave Field Synthesis, Stereophony, and Different Mixes in Popular MusicWierstorf, H.; Hold, C.; Raake, A.2018/05AESWave Field Synthesis, Listening Tests
DirPat–Database and Viewer of 2D/3D Directivity Patterns of Sound Sources and ReceiversBrandner, M.; Frank, M.; Rudrich, D.2018/05AESSignal Processing, Transducers, Instruments
An Efficient Method for Producing Binaural Mixes of Classical Music from a Primary Stereo MixParnell, T.; Pike, C.2018/05AESSpatial Audio
The Anaglyph Binaural Audio EnginePoirier-Quinot, D.; Katz, B. F. G.2018/05AESSpatial Audio
Directivity and Electro-Acoustic Measurements of the IKOSchultz, F.; Zaunschirm, M.; Zotter, F.2018/05AESTransducers
Design and Measurement of First-Order, Horizontally Beam-Controlling Loudspeaker CubesMeyer-Kahlen, N.; Zotter, F; Pollack, K.2018/05AESTransducers, Psychoacoustics
Ambisonics Directional Room Impulse Response as a New Convention of the Spatially Oriented Format for AcousticsPérez-López, A.; De Muynke, J.2018/05AESTransducers, Psychoacoustics, Ambisonics
A Distributed Audio System for Automotive ApplicationsBoehm, J.; Olszewski, D.; Mirza, Z. B.2018/05AESTransducers, Automotive
Anti-Rattle System Loudspeaker DeviceCinanni, D.; Sancisi, C.2018/05AESTransducers
Advanced B-Format AnalysisKolundzija, M.; Faller, C.2018/05AESSpatial Audio
Ambisonic Decoding with Panning-Invariant Loudness on Small Layouts (AllRAD2)Zotter, F.; Frank, M.2018/05AESSpatial Audio, Ambisonics
BRIR Synthesis Using First-Order Microphone ArraysZaunschirm, M.; Frank, M.; Zotter, F.2018/05AESSpatial Audio
Does Spectral Flatness Affect the Difficulty of the Peak Frequency Identification Task in Technical Ear Training?Marui, A.; Kamekawa, T.2018/05AESEducation
Evaluation of Player-Controlled Flute Timbre by Flute Players and Non-Flute PlayersKasahara, M.; Marui, A.; Kamekawa, T.2018/05AESListening Tests, Instruments, Perception
Comparing the Effect of Audio Coding Artifacts on Objective Quality Measures and on Subjective RatingsTorcoli, M.; Dick, S.2018/05AESPerception
Surround with Depth on First-Order Beam-Controlling LoudspeakersDeppisch, T.; Meyer-Kahlen, N.; Zotter, F.2018/05AESSpatial Audio, Transducers
A Subjective Evaluation of High Bitrate Coding of MusicGrivcova, K.; Pike, C.; Nixon, T.2018/05AESAudio Coding, Quality
Speech-To-Screen: Spatial Separation of Dialogue from Noise towards Improved Speech Intelligibility for the Small ScreenDemonte, P.; Tang, Y.; Hughes, R. J.2018/05AESPerception
Assessing Musical Similarity for Computational Music CreativityGoddard, C.; Barthet, M.; Wiggins, G.2018/04AESSemantic Analysis, Perception
PaperClip: A Digital Pen Interface for Semantic Speech Editing in Radio ProductionBaume, C.; Plumbley, M. D.; Frohlich, D.2018/04AESSemantic Analysis
Determination and Validation of Mix Parameters for Modifying Envelopment in Object-Based AudioFrancombe, J.; Brookes, T.; Mason, R.2018/03AESSpatial Audio
Elicitation of Expert Knowledge to Inform Object-Based Audio Rendering to Different SystemsWoodcock, J.; Davies, W. J.; Melchior, F.2018/02AESSpatial Audio
Localization Experiments with Reporting by Head Orientation: Statistical Framework and Case StudySena, E. D.; Brookes, M.; Naylor, P. A.; Waterschoot, T. v.2017/12AESListening Tests
A High Resolution and Full-Spherical Head-Related Transfer Function Database for Different Head-Above-Torso OrientationsBrinkmann, F.; Lindau, A.; Weinzierl, S.;2017/10AESHRTF, Database
A Database of Head-Related Transfer Functions and Morphological MeasurementsSridhar, R.; Tylka, J. G.; Choueiri, E.2017/10AESHRTF, Database
Building a Globally Distributed Recording StudioFiorello, J.2017/10AESRecording, Broadcasting
Undergraduate Curricular Development at the Electrical Engineering/Music Interface at Union CollegeCatravas, P.2017/10AESEducation, Applications
The Resonant Tuning Factor: A New Measure for Quantifying the Setup and Tuning of Cylindrical DrumsToulson, R.2017/10AESInstruments, Transducers
Audio Localization Method for VR ApplicationPark, J. W.2017/10AESSpatial Audio
A Toolkit for Customizing the ambiX Ambisonics-to-Binaural RendererTylka, J. G.; Choueiri, E.2017/10AESSpatial Audio, Ambisonics
Use of Repetitive Multi-Tone Sequences to Estimate Nonlinear Response of a Loudspeaker to MusicBrunet, P.; Decanio, W.; Banka, R.; Yuan, S.2017/10AESTransducers
Variable Fractional Order Analysis of Loudspeaker Transducers: Theory, Simulations, Measurements, and SynthesisBezzola, A.; Brunet, P.; Yuan, S.2017/10AESTransducers
The Adjustment / Satisfaction Test (A/ST) for the Subjective Evaluation of Dialogue EnhancementTorcoli, M.; Herre, J.; Paulus, J.2017/10AESPerception
Improving Neural Net Auto Encoders for Music SynthesisColonel, J.; Curro, C.; Keene, S.2017/10AESSignal Processing
A Study of Listener Bass and Loudness Preferences over Loudspeakers and HeadphonesMcMullin, E.2017/10AESListening Tests, Transducers
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biconical dipole, discone
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awaiting publicationBBC
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(University of
2009BBCobject, recognition, search, index, metadata
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encryption, exchange, facility, firewall, FTP, GridFTP, HTTPS, Internet,
latency, MDP, NAT, optimisation, packet loss, performance, prioritisation,
protocol, resource allocation, rushes, scheduling, SCP, web service,
SFTP, tapeless, TCP,
throughput, TOE, tuning, UDP, verification, WAN, window
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AVC-Intra, Journalism, Workflow
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awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
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awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
Musical Moods: A Mass Participation Experiment for the Affective Classification of MusicSam Davies2012BBCPsychology, Multimedia Classification, Music Information Retrieval
awaiting publicationBBC
Measurement of Human Sensitivity across the Vertical-Temporal Video Spectrum for Interlacing Filter SpecificationK.C. Noland2012BBCinterlacing, standards conversion, aliaising, filter design, human visual, system
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Archive Preservation File Format: DigiBeta SystemPhilip de Nier2012BBCIngex, LTO, Infax
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Getting the best out of high performance network storage on generic IT infrastructureD. Butler2013BBCNAS, SAS, BSAS, Near Kine, SATA, Network, msMeter
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
awaiting publicationBBC
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