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Sound Measurement Application – thank you Pavel!

Sound Quality Metrics in Python / Jupyter Notebook – thank you Roberto!

SBIR Calculator

Absorber, diffusor calculator and more in Excel

Absorber Calculator and more in Excel

Reverberation Modeling and Raytracing Analysis

Calculation of PRD 2-dimensional diffusers and more

Versatily Shure Wireless Workbench Network Controller

Creates custom noises for masking

A Toolkit for Customizing the ambiX Ambisonics-To-Binaural Renderer

Collection of various Mathematica functions for audio processing

Immersive Plugins using ADM for Next Generation Audio

Collection of Algorithms, Thoughts and Snippets

Low Latency Music Collaboration – thank you Mike!

Meyer Sound System Design And Prediction

Loudspeaker Simulation and Engineering – thank you Kimmo!

Room Acoustics Analysis an Measurement Software

Room Mode Calculator

Realtime Raytracing Sketchpad

Reverberation Time Calculation after DIN 18041:2016-03

Absorber Calculators

Audio Recording and Editing

Numerical Acoustics Online

Room Size Calculation

Over 100 Calculators for Speakers, Acoustics, Electronics

MATLAB Toolbox for Acoustics

Math and Physics Applets

Simulation of Stereo Recording Process

FIR Filtering

System-Wide Equalizer for Windows

Audio Calculations and much more


Python in Technical Acoustics Toolbox

L-Acoustics 3D Sound Design

d&b Sound Propagation Prediction

AndyMultiple Sub Response Optimization

Is something missing? Please write us!