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Jenna D’Sora and Data

Here you find valuable collections of measurements and other data. We can’t praise this enough. If you want to make data available to the collective, make a first contact.

Schematics and Manuals

Circuit diagrams and service manuals
– moderated by Jens, please contact to contribute

Large collection of descriptions of old radio technology by Darius Kubarth.

Headphones and IEM

DIY – Audio – Heaven measurements from the passionate audio lovers Solderdude, Rabbit and Javier. Great stuff! high quality reviews of headphones with measurements

In – Ear – Fidelity IEM and Headphone Graphs with Comparison Tool

Super Best Audio Friends including waterfall, spectrogram and distortion Мой русский немного заржавел 🙂 Отличный сайт.

Microphones specification, manuals and much more

Speakers Speakers, Subs, Amps and more 😍

DirPat Database Directivity measurements of Speakers, Microphones, Singers. Also Tools for Matlab. Great stuff!

3D3A Lab Database Loudspeaker directivity measurements from Princton University. Thanks for sharing!


3D Venue Database for Soundvision hosted by L-Acoustics

Absorption Coefficients of porous absorbers

Bob Golds Absorption Coefficients and room mode calculator